Monday, January 26, 2009

Let's Recap:

Okay so I haven't posted in awhile but hey I'm a high school student I don't have a life! Well my life has been pretty okay right now. Christmas is over and it was fun! That's Kyle and Me christmas day! He's totally kewl! The next picture is my neighboors Kayla and Sarah, they had dinner at my house that night! The next two pictures is my friend Tyler, Meghan and I at Brain Head in Cedar City when Meghan and Tyler had their over-nighter. I'm a little envious of Meghan because she's going away to school while I'm staying home instead of going to my dream school! But hey I have a plan but I'll do that later! The little fish monster on my snow board is Nemo! Ain't he a cutey?!?!? Well he is!
My Honor Orchestra concert is this week and I'm a little ticked off! Most of the schools participating in the orchestra are mostly from two other high schools, and from my school it's only me and a celloist! So the conductors scuzz me off when I ask them a question because I'm not from their school! Well you know what?!?!? GOOD THING IT'S MY LAST YEAR HUH?!?!? OR I WOULD BE RAISING SOME H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS! But yeah I like the music and I at least do it for fun!
I audition for my colleg's orchestra next month I'm totally ready and excited! I'll be playing the Theme from Schindler's List and Concerto from Vivaldi! And two major scales and one minor scale all in three octaves. EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEZZEY! But yeah I'm totally excited! Well that's it for my rant! TTFN Ta Ta For Now!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The first of many!!! (DUN DUN DUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Yes this is now the first of many posts and blogs to come! With the start of a new year comes the start of the blog! I have now jumped on the Blog Wagon and hope it will be a successful decision. I am currently a high school student on my way to graduate, and trying to get money to go to school next fall. I really want to go up north in Logan but NO!!!! EVERYONE WANTS LIKE TWO THOUSAND DOLLARD A SEMESTER JUST TO STEP ON CAMPUS!!!!!!! Sorry....angry out burst. So I have decided to stay home to go to school this yeah and hopefully I can save enough money to go to my dream school. So I shall document my experiences of finishing high school and my college experiences but for now......I really need to wrap this up because its like one o'clock in the afternoon and I have to work at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Pictures are a comming soon!!!!* *UNDER CONSTRUCTION*